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Championship Pétanque in France

2007 French National Triples Championships

Lamour pointing.

The 2007 French National Triples Championships took place in Dijon in June, and was won by Christian Lagarde, Stéphane Delforge, and Alain Phalippot, who qualifying as regional champions of the Midi-Pyrénées.  They defeated Bruno Rocher, Dylan Rocher, and Stéphane Robineau in a lackluster final.  The great games were seen in the quarter-finals and semis. In the quarters, Damien Hureau-David LeDantec-Julien Lamour defeated defending champs Philppe Quintais-Philippe Suchaud-Henri Lacroix, 13-9; they led from the first round and were never behind.  The semis saw the trio of Bruno Rocher-Dylan Rocher-Stéphane Robineau edge past Michel Van Campenhoot-Didier Chupay-Jean-Pierre Le Lons 13-12, on the last ball.  At 12-12, Le Lons had that last ball, and was just a few millimeters long at 7 meters (he could not shoot given the way the balls were clustered).

Click here for Martha’s pics of these and other games during the final rounds. The sun finally came out.

Click here for Martha’s favorites from the first day of competition.  It was cold and rainy.

We were not able to attend the French Singles and Doubles Championships.  The Doubles crown was won by Henri Lacroix and Philippe Quintais, defeating David Le Dantec and Damien Hureau.  Christophe Trembleau won his first French championship, taking the Singles.

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