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Championship Pétanque in France

2008 French National Championships

In 2008, the French Triples Championships were won by the so-called “dream team” of Philppe Quintais, Philippe Suchaud, and Henri Lacroix, a trio that also took the title in 2006.  They defeated Guy Vinson, Christophe Sarrio, and Zhair Boumar (Rhone Alpes) 13- 9, in what was actually a close final in Clermont-Férrand.

Suchaud shooting.

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Click here for pics of the final rounds.  Note: the final day was moved indoors, under very ugly light, so we include only the most interesting pics from that day.

In 2008, we were not able to attend the French Singles and Doubles Championships.  The French Federation, in its wisdom, scheduled this event during the same weekend as the Marseillaise.  Since I play in the Marseillaise, I could not attend (many players who lost during the first day came to Marseille for the start of the Marseillaise, on Sunday).  The Doubles crown was won by André Gross and the young Kevin Malbes, beating Jean Dominique Fieschi and Bruno Leboursicaud in the final, 13-2.  Sébastien Ranquine captured Singles gold, defeating Christophe Sarrio, 13-4.  Sarrio was a finalist in both the triples and the singles in 2008, a remarkable achievement.

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