Emile Win 2012 NYPC Singles

Emile Boujeke took over first place in the NY Petanque Rankings by beating JP Subrenat in the final of the 2012 NYPC Singles tournament, 13-10. Sixteen players came to play, including Joe Cortright from Portland, a good showing for such a cold and blustery day. The rain started soon after the first game and only got heavier, only some what letting up after the final was played.

The winner and finalist of the last Singles tournament in NY, Malek and Ernesto, both failed to qualify to the quarterfinals.

Emile beat Xavier in the semi and JPS reached the final by beating Eric, 13-12. Emile started the final with big lead and held off a big charge by JPS. The ground being so wet, pointing was the key to victory. And while he had some big key shots, Emile just pointed better than anyone on this day.

  • 1st Emile Boujeke
  • 2nd JP Subrenat
  • 3rd Eric Bertin
  • 3rd Xavier Thibaud
  • 5th Rafik Blida
  • 5th Joe Cortright (Portland)
  • 5th Steve Ginsberg
  • 5th Jeannot Ruperti