Ludwig & Jean-Michel Win 2012 New York Open

Ludwig Vinches and Jean-Michel Delincourt of Canada beat Richard “Ti” Meas and Phil Hemery of La Boule New Yorkaise, 13-6, to capture this year’s New York Open title. Thirty-two teams in all took part, with players coming from Massachusetts, California, Maine, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Germany, and, of course, Canada. The beautiful weather of Saturday turned into a chilly, rainy day Sunday. All teams played 4 games to qualify 16, with a 5th game knock-out played for the last game in Saturday.

Sunday started with 2 pools of 4 teams playing. Team Ludwig and Jean-Michel and team Ti and Phil both won 2 games to advance to the semifinals. In the barrage Alec Stone Sweet and Eric Bertin lost to Tommy and Eric Morasse, the father and son shooting duo; Ernesto Santos and Joseph Hassoune lost to Yacob Nour and Laurent Mirabeau. Ti and Phil beat Yacob and Laurent;  Ludwig and Jean-Michel beat Team Morasse to set up a Canada vs USA final.

The final was played on the court around the fountain. The ground was damp and it had gotten colder. The game started with each team reponding to other’s score by scoring the next round. Ludwig and Jean-Michel shoot and hit 6 times, making 2 points, to tie the game at 4-4. The game turned on a barrage of shots and a badly pointed ball allowed the Canadians to make a 5-point round, overtaking Phil and Ti, 6-10. And it was over in 2 more rounds. The final scoring line.

1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 3-2, 4-2, 4-4, 6-4, 6-5, 6-10, 6-11, 6-13

Final results

  • 1st Ludwig Vinches, Jean-Michel Delincourt (CAN)
  • 2nd Richard “Ti” Meas, Phil Hemery (LBNY)
  • 3rd Eric Morasse, Tommy Morasse (CAN)
  • 3rd Yacob Nour, Laurent Mirabeau (CAN)
  • 5th Eric Bertin, Alec Stone Sweet (NYPC-LBNY)
  • 5th Ernesto Santos, Joseph Hassoune (LBNY)
  • 6th Omar Chaqour, Mohammed Sebbagh (LBNY)
  • 6th Nunu, Ayoub (BOS-MOR)

8th to 16th

  • JP Hemery, Amadou Thiam (LBNY)
  • Houari Baba, Rafik Blida (LBNY)
  • Emile Boujeke, Charles Kossi (LBNY)
  • Dayday, Mohamed (BOS-MOR)
  • Tiana Rarivoson, Aina Ratovonarivo (LBNY)
  • Lucien Rakotojaona, Patrick Hayes (LBNY)
  • Detlev Goedeke, Sabine Kortlang (GER)
  • Chris Artis, Peter Corbett (LBNY)