New York | 2014
Spring Melee
Random Doubles
Apr 19 Bryant Park
NYPC Season Opening
4-boule Singles
May 10 Bryant Park
FPUSA Northeast Inter-Regional Singles
May 17 Bryant Park
FPUSA Northeast Inter-Regional Doubles
Formed Doubles
May 18 Bryant Park
NYPC Triplette
Formed Triples
Jun 01 Parade Ground
NY-African Cup
Formed Doubles
Jun 14 Bryant Park
Hery Open
Formed Triples
Jun 15 Bryant Park
NYPC Special Event with Petanque
TBA + food
Jul 06 Parade Ground
NYPC Picnic
Aug 09 Parade Ground
Picnic Carousel
Carousel Doubles
Aug 24 Bryant Park
NYPC September in Vaucluse
Sep 06 Parade Ground
New York Open Doubles
Formed Doubles
Sep 27 Bryant Park
New York Open Triples
Formed Tripes
Sep 28 Bryant Park
Pointing & Shooting
Skills Competition
Oct 04 Bryant Park
International of New York
Formed Doubles
Oct 11-12 Parade Ground
International | 2014
1st International de Petanque de Punta Cana
May 16-23 Punta Cana, DR
Pre-Mondial La Marseillaise Canada
Formed Triples
Jul 25-27 Longueuil, CA
FPUSA | 2014
Mid America FPUSA Open Panache Doubles
Panache Doubles
May 24 Zanesfield, OH
Mid America FPUSA Open Select Doubles
Formed Doubles
May 25 Zanesfield, OH
National Men's & Women's Singles
Jun 28 Portland, OR
National Mixed Triples
Formed Mixed Triples
Jun 29 Portland, OR
Womens National Triples Championship and World Championship Qualifier
Formed Triples
Aug 2 & 3 Lafayette, CA
Men's National Triples Championship and Confederations World Cup Qualifier
Formed Triples
Aug 2 & 3 Lafayette, CA
National Men's & Women's Doubles
Formed Doubles
Sep 13 Blue Hill, ME
National Mixed Doubles
Formed Mixed Doubles
Sep 14 Blue Hill, ME


  • Play starts 10am
  • Registration ends 9:30am
  • Entry fee $10/person, except
    • FPUSA NE Inter-Regional Singles $15/person

    • FPUSA NE Inter-Regional Doubles $30/team

    • African Open (Doubles) $40/team

    • Hery Cup (Triples) $60/team

    • New York Open (Doubles) $60/team

    • Picnic (FREE)

  • All players of club (non-open) tournaments must be valid 2011 members of a petanque clubs affiliated with the FIPJP.
  • Open tournaments are open to everyone: no membership required.