New York | 2014
Spring Melee
Random Doubles
Apr 19 Bryant Park
FPUSA Northeast Inter-Regional Singles
May 17 Bryant Park
FPUSA Northeast Inter-Regional Doubles
Formed Doubles
May 18 Bryant Park
NY-African Cup
Formed Doubles
Jun 14 Bryant Park
Hery Open
Formed Triples
Jun 15 Bryant Park
Picnic Carousel
Carousel Doubles
Aug 24 Bryant Park
Pointing & Shooting
Skills Competition
Sep 28 Bryant Park
New York Open
Formed Doubles
Oct 11 & 12 Bryant Park
International | 2014
1st International de Petanque de Punta Cana
May 16-23 Punta Cana, DR
Pre-Mondial La Marseillaise Canada
Formed Triples
Jul 25-27 Longueuil, CA
FPUSA | 2014
Mid America FPUSA Open Panache Doubles
Panache Doubles
May 24 Zanesfield, OH
Mid America FPUSA Open Select Doubles
Formed Doubles
May 25 Zanesfield, OH
National Men's & Women's Singles
Jun 28 Portland, OR
National Mixed Triples
Formed Mixed Triples
Jun 29 Portland, OR
Womens National Triples Championship and World Championship Qualifier
Formed Triples
Aug 2 & 3 Lafayette, CA
Men's National Triples Championship and Confederations World Cup Qualifier
Formed Triples
Aug 2 & 3 Lafayette, CA
National Men's & Women's Doubles
Formed Doubles
Sep 13 Blue Hill, ME
National Mixed Doubles
Formed Mixed Doubles
Sep 14 Blue Hill, ME


  • Play starts 10am
  • Registration ends 9:30am
  • Entry fee $10/person, except
    • FPUSA NE Inter-Regional Singles $15/person

    • FPUSA NE Inter-Regional Doubles $30/team

    • African Open (Doubles) $40/team

    • Hery Cup (Triples) $60/team

    • New York Open (Doubles) $60/team

    • Picnic (FREE)

  • All players of club (non-open) tournaments must be valid 2011 members of a petanque clubs affiliated with the FIPJP.
  • Open tournaments are open to everyone: no membership required.